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I am a daughter of the Midwest who flew the coop to see the world, landed in NYC and stayed for 30 years. I married Bruce Levine and bequeathed my maiden name, but not my identity. My marriage has been my learning lab for personal growth and adaptability, honest communication, love and vulnerability ... notwithstanding the difficult period we affectionately refer to as “The Bad Decade.” I am the mom of 2 sons—exquisite human beings—who were raised 1/3 by good co-parenting, 1/3 by a strong village, 1/3 by Lady Luck.  


I enjoyed a successful 25-year career as a JPMorgan investment banker and COO of dynamic client- and market-facing businesses. My professional DNA was encoded with leading change, building teams, and running global businesses. I lived the tension inherent in valuing both profit and people; impact and efficiency.


I did my own inner work, learned self-acceptance, found deeper purpose, and embraced my strengths—intuition, curiosity, creative thinking, truth seeking, connecting, integrating, playfulness, humor, whole-heartedness.


I became a certified executive coach and did impactful work with senior leaders and their teams for a decade. I am proud of my client list and prouder still that these partnerships allowed leaders to shift from surviving to thriving, bringing bold, authentic leadership to their teams, businesses, and communities.


Four years ago, Bruce and I moved to Bend, Oregon. I reconnected with nature, took time to think and refreshed my own goals.  I reimagined leadership coaching and Cindy Levine Group “2.0” emerged—my values-driven business that embraces bold thinking, clarity of vision and a recommitment to working with leaders and teams who have the grit to move us to a better future for all.


Coach Certification from the Hudson Institute of Coaching

PCC Credential from the International Coaching Federation


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