Social entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders approach their work with deeply held personal vision and commitment. Yet, the resources to support their success as leaders, managers and operators are often limited.

Cindy Levine Group sees an intrinsic connection between the values-based motives, needs and competencies of social impact leaders and the success of their mission-driven enterprises.  We meet the need for a development process which wraps leadership support around the entrepreneur while providing credible management and operating advice for the enterprise.

The 2x result:  Leaders who become sustainable change agents and missions able to optimize social impact.


Using CLG’s High Potential Coaching framework, we work with the leader to:

  • Master new leadership, management and operating competencies
  • Develop a leader’s “executive presence”
  • Build and manage growing teams
  • Manage through founder and leadership team transition
  • Strive for professional – personal balance
  • Calibrate  vision/mission to the pressures of execution

Our advisory expertise supports the dynamics of scale and change.   We partner to:

  • Implement strategic, business and financial plans and measure results
  • Build organizational capacity and develop human capital
  • Design, implement and enhance operating platforms
  • Strengthen effectiveness with key stakeholders (i.e. – boards, investors)

For the Social Entrepreneur:

  • A professional “life line” during periods of rapid change and growth
  • Mastery of leadership, management and operating competencies
  • Emergence of a sustainable leadership style
  • Enhanced performance in current position
  • Increased potential for sustainable, future contribution

For the Enterprise:

  • Focused execution of strategic and business plans
  • Capacity realization
  • Engaged, productive teams
  • Stronger key stakeholder relationships

For Foundations, Social Impact Investors and other supporters

  • Increased return on social and financial investment
  • Focus on human capital development in high potential portfolio investments