At certain inflection points in life, leading our Self through change becomes the priority.

We each have the natural resourcefulness and creativity to make transitions in our life.

Yet,  life is complex and, often, we don’t give ourselves the time or space to consider our own professional and personal potential.  At these times, a coaching partnership with us helps clarify both.

In a collaboration based on respect and trust, we:

  • Explore the opportunities and challenges in your current situation
  • Envision the change you want in your career, your life
  • Set goals and create an action plan to support your change
  • Work the plan in an iterative process rich with practice, self assessment, feedback, and support
  • Evaluate outcomes and create follow-through plans

Our coaching process reflects our belief that each of us knows our Self best. As your coach, we offer inspiration, support, accountability, challenge, and a sense of humor to the change process so that, together, we can help you achieve your goals.

You may benefit from coaching in a professional setting as you:

  • Have newly expanded and increased scope of responsibilities
  • Prepare for a different role
  • Wish to refine and enhance leadership and communication effectiveness
  • Transition from a current to a new career
  • Strive for satisfaction in both career and personal life

You may benefit from coaching as you reflect on personal changes such as:

  • Refining or (re-) finding your passion and purpose
  • Evaluating and prioritizing roles and responsibilities
  • Exploring “next chapter” options including ways to make a difference in the world
  • Incorporate health and wellness into your lifestyle