In a world where outcomes are neither predictable nor repeatable, leaders must look inward for the skills to succeed. They must be grounded in purpose, agile with change and know how to engage with others. Innovation, Adaptability, Collaboration, Engagement, Self-Awareness, Presence, Social Responsibility become the new core competencies.

Building on Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s respected Flow framework, CLG coaches each high potential leader to improve current performance and build self-sustaining leadership skills relevant for today’s world.

Flow is a powerful proxy for leading through change.  See HOW WE WORK.


Flow is a powerful proxy for effective leadership in rapidly changing environments.  It is the experience of effortless action – moments accompanied by clarity of goals, creativity, engagement and presence.  Flow occurs when high level skills align with high level challenges.

We coach your leaders to optimize their experience of flow and ability to replicate it.  As your leaders work to achieve business/mission goals,  we create an experiential lab where they focus on balancing and adapting to tensions between skills and challenges.  They learn to ask, answer and act on questions which form the basis of good adaptive leadership.

During our coaching process, skills and challenges will align. Your leader will experience moments of flow and be able to affirm, “These are the activities I engage in when I am an effective leader.”  Current performance improves AND a self-sustaining leader emerges.

Good leaders are good learners and we instill the art of passionate learning in your leaders. Central to our approach is the practice of recognizing successes AND failures as opportunities for self-assessment and growth.



For the leader:

  • A demonstrable, high impact leadership style
  • Mastery of business and leadership competencies
  • Enhanced performance in current position
  • Increased potential for future contribution/career enhancement

For your organization:

  • Deeper leadership bench strength
  • Improved return on recruiting and training investment