Gen Y has come of age professionally. These 18-30 year olds join the workforce with a unique cultural and historical perspective. They have experienced an unprecedented level of diversity. They have been raised digitally – steeped in social networking; internalizing collaboration, transparency, customization, speed as a way of life. Their worldview is global.

They come to work with a mind for achievement, propensity for action, passion for all they undertake and a strong social conscience. At 27% of the US population, Gen Y represents the foundation for the next three decades of employment and leadership.

Gen Yers are your future leaders.

Gen Y One-on-One Coaching
CLG taps Gen Y’s passion for achievement and comfort with change. We challenge each young professional to practice new skills, like strategic development and emotional intelligence. We create a learning environment where new leadership patterns are reinforced and a sustainable leader emerges. Gen Y responds to our feedback-rich, activity-based High Potential Coaching.

Manager Coaching and Team Building
CLG respects that managers have a business or a mission to run. We roll up our sleeves and work with your managers individually or in groups to assess and adapt management style, work flow and performance goals. Gen Y talent is integrated into the work at hand, each manager gains spot coaching skills and a higher performing team emerges.

Mentoring & Reverse Mentoring
Mentoring and Reverse Mentoring promotes knowledge sharing, sparks fresh ideas and builds new relationships and perspectives. It is a low cost, high impact way to break down generational firewalls between young talent and experienced leaders. CLG designs, implements and measures results on programs which trigger original solutions to business issues and serve as a powerful employee engagement tool.

Peer to Peer Groups
Good leaders are good learners and Peer to Peer Groups reinforce leadership and learning skills while working business/mission objectives.  Participants share knowledge, give and receive feedback and take new practices back to their performance on the job.

CLG helps you craft Peer to Peer Groups which 1) harness Gen Yers’ propensity for networking, collaborating and bringing a voice to the table and 2) hone their skills and sense of responsibility as contributors to business/mission goals and culture building.

  • High performing intergenerational teams
  • Emergence of high potential Next Generation leaders
  • Deeper leadership bench strength
  • A richer feedback environment
  • Employer of choice status
  • Improved return on recruiting and training investment