Cindy Levine enables change making corporate, nonprofit and social enterprise organizations to build leadership capacity relevant for today’s world.  As executive coach, Cindy promotes C suite and high potential leaders to become high impact contributors and self sustaining leaders – Innovators, Collaborators, Adaptors, Engagers; Self-Aware, Present, Socially Responsible.  As advisor, she partners with organizations to implement strategic and cultural change, build organizational and operating capacity, and strengthen teams.

Cindy brings to her coaching and advisory relationships ‘C suite’ leadership and operating experience developed in a successful twenty-five year career transforming dynamic financial service businesses in start up, turnaround, growth and M&A situations. As Chief Operating Officer (COO) for JPMorgan US Private Bank and high profile Investment Banking businesses, Cindy earned a reputation as a values based leader who innovates change, motivates teams and achieves results.  Cindy’s clients appreciate her management and operating credibility across organizations that are client-facing, sales and marketing driven, globally oriented and cross functional.

Today, Cindy works with senior executives and high potential leaders in a variety of sectors and industries including media, financial services, insurance, private equity, technology, retail, non-profit, social enterprises and NGOs. Much of her work is with women executives.  She designed and delivers  ‘Own Your Development’ – a learning series for high potential professional women.  Her clients include Acumen Fund, AIG, Ann Inc, Assurant, Burberry USA, Consumer Reports, ESPN, Fitch Ratings Agency, Lloyds Bank, Museum of Arts and Design, New York Stock Exchange, Planned Parenthood Federation, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ross Retail, Royal Bank of Scotland, Standard and Poor’s, TD Bank, Univision, Yahoo!, Visiting Nurse Services of New York,  World Bank, World Economic Forum.

A champion for emerging leaders, Cindy is completed a study that looks at how Gen Y women define leaders and how companies can maximize the impact of these future leaders.  She also combines her operating background and coaching work with Acumen Fund, Draper Richard Foundation, Echoing Green and others to help social impact leaders scale their social enterprises and build leadership competencies.

Cindy serves on the Board of Directors of VisionSpring, the pioneering social enterprise providing access of affordable eyeglasses to the working poor globally. She founded the Women’s Senior Operating Executive Network to promote and organize the formidable COO/CFO women’s community and is a regular contributor to women’s publications, panels and professional events.

Cindy holds a Masters in Economic Development from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and a Bachelor of Arts from Mount Holyoke College. She is an ICF-accredited professional coach with certification from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. She lives in New York City with her husband.




In June 2005, I walked out of a midtown Manhattan high-rise and into the rest of my life. After a successful twenty-five year career transforming dynamic, high potential financial service businesses I was ready to contribute in new ways. I lifted my head up, took a fresh look at the world, and asked myself “ how I can make a positive difference?”

  • I saw the critical need for positive social change and the socially responsible leaders to make it happen.
  • I became inspired by and a contributor to the social enterprise movement.
  • I recognized that my Gen Y children and their peers are our future leaders; that it is in our best interest to harness the unique energy of this digital generation as they come of age professionally.
  • I looked back to my familiar corporate arena for clues about high potential talent development and was disappointed to find that leadership development is too often a luxury and, even then, based on outdated models which miss the opportunity to recruit, mobilize and retain high potential leaders.

From these insights, my mission emerged — a deeply-held commitment to help develop the next generation of socially responsible leaders; to support change-making organizations committed to building leadership capacity relevant for today’s world. I reframed my “leader-manager-operator” business experience, added certified coaching expertise to my portfolio and founded Cindy Levine Group.

Today, Cindy Levine Group provides leadership coaching and advisory services to change-making organizations in the corporate (AIG, Ann Inc, Assurant, BuzzFeed, Burberry USA, ESPN,  Standard and Poor’s, New York Stock Exchange, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Royal Bank of Scotland, TD Bank, Univision, Yahoo!),  non-profit (Consumer Reports, Fordham Business School, Museum of Arts and Design, Visiting Nurse Services of New York) and social impact (Acumen Fund, Echoing Green, Planned Parenthood Federation, World Bank, World Economic Forum) sectors.



Corporate Clients

AIG New York Stock Exchange
Ann Inc. PricewaterhouseCoopers
Assurant Ross Retail
Burberry USA Royal Bank of Scotland
BuzzFeed Standard and Poor’s
Equinix TD Bank
ESPN Univision
Fitch Ratings Agency Vibrant Media
Lloyds Bank Yahoo!



Consumer Reports
Fordham University School of Business
Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
Museum of Arts and Design
Planned Parenthood Federation
Visiting Nurse Services of New York
Wartburg Adult Care Community


Social Impact Funds, Enterprises and NGOs

Acumen Fund
Echoing Green
Global Cycle Solutions
Global Health Solutions (Draper Richard Foundation fellow)
HotBread Kitchen
One Acre Fund
Pro Mujer
Spark MicroGrant
Vision Spring


Representative Service Offerings

Executive Coaching: For C Suite and High Potential Leaders 

Leadership Coaching: For Gen Y Professionals, Managers of Gen Y’ers and Social Entrepreneurs
Womens’ Programming: ‘Own Your Development’ – a learning series designed for high potential professional women. 

Talent Advisory: Team Building, Culture Change, Strategic and Business Planning, Operating Effectiveness, Organizational  Capacity and Talent Development